Sunday, April 25th 2021

The Yeti kicked off their second official practice of the year on April, 25th in the Clinton arena. With the first game of the season against the Salt City Eels rapidly approaching the boys were buzzing to be able to get some practice quality time in a real arena.

With a variety of players coming from different leagues and all areas of the country, chemistry is building faster than anyone could of expected. Head Coach Tony Sorci, a former Buffalo Bandit and head coach of the Vermont Voyagers is a huge reason for the teams high morale.

Sorci is dedicated to the Yeti and besides winning a championship his main goal is to grow youth box lacrosse, and the sport itself in general. Due to covid the season is cut short so coach is preparing the team to be in playoff mode from the jump, and above all else expects his players to be competitive. Sorci stated, “You don’t have to be the best lacrosse player. I can teach you how to be a lacrosse player, but I can’t teach you to be competitive” With over 20 years of coaching and playing experience under his belt and a passion for the game like no other Coach Sorci is the perfect candidate to lead the Utica Yeti.

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